Warranty - All products are made of quality timbers and materials and are covered by a six months manufacturer’s warranty. To ensure the longevity of all pieces, proper handling and maintenance is essential. Please refer to our Furniture Care Guide for more information.
Furniture and joinery should not be subjected to undue stress and only used for their intended purpose. For example, never stand or place heavy objects on furniture. Planter boxes are not designed to have heavy material fill in them. This may cause the base to come apart from the sides. Likewise, furniture should not be dragged or pulled, always lift from underneath the base as doing otherwise may damage the legs or joints. Damage to joints through misuse are not covered.
Each piece of timber is unique, there exist natural variations in wood, including knots, cracks, colour, veins, worm holes and grain. These are unique to every tree and piece of timber, and therefore furniture and joinery. Where 2 pieces of timber have been joined together, the joints may not be perfect and could have raised surfaces.These are not considered to be faults but serve to make each and every piece individual. Unfortunately, the effects of the environment and any natural degradation that may occur are not covered by the warranty. Natural factors may lead to deterioration of the timber such as expansion, shrinking, discolouration or warping. Small splits and cracks may develop over time. These are a natural phenomenon of timber, not a fault, and add character to the pieces.
Damage to the surface of any product through wear and tear, misuse, improper positioning, the use of chemicals or abrasive products are not covered.
The warranty does not cover pieces installed by other companies. It is the installers responsibility to ensure correct fixings, waterproofing and adjustment of drawers and doors.
Unsealed surfaces and pieces, at the request of clients carry a limited warranty. Any surface damage, but not limited to water damage, timber movement, spills etc. is the responsibility of the client (timber needs to be correctly sealed).
Any flaws in the product, as well as any issues with the finished design, must be registered within 24 hours of the product being received. Contact Hampton Chair Company to resolve these.

Care Guide - We expect a lot from our furniture and rightly so. But if we want our timber furniture to perform to the best of its ability for years to come it must be well looked after. To enjoy the beauty of this product for many years, we recommend that you follow these few simple steps:

  • No chemicals should be used on the furniture, nor should any abrasive products or cloths. Clean with a lightly sprayed water-based cleaning product.
  • There exist natural variations in wood, including knots, cracks, colour, and grain. These are unique to every tree and piece of timber, and therefore furniture. These should not be considered faults but serve to make each and every piece individual.
  • Only use furniture for its intended purpose.
  • Always lift your furniture from underneath when moving it. It has been designed this way to minimise the chance damaging it. Dragging it may damage the legs or joints. and lifting at any other point may cause it to come apart.
  • Furniture should be dusted regularly with a clean, cotton cloth. Coasters and placemats should always be used under plates, cups, utensils, and glasses, regardless of whether they are hot or cold. When writing, it is best to use a mat to prevent dents.
  • Any spills should be wiped up immediately so as not to cause the finish to break down.
  • Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, heating/cooling vents, or fireplaces should also be avoided. These may damage or cause the timber to warp and discolour.
  • Handles, hinges and painted surfaces may chip or become scratched with use over time. Treat these areas with care and do not use any abrasive cleaning cloths or products on them.
  • Ensure that any salt build up on aluminium frames is removed with the occasional wipe with warm soapy water.
  • Our furniture is intended for undercover use.
  • We trust you will enjoy this product for many years!
Term and Conditions - Charges will apply to remanufacturing of furniture if you’re not happy with the timber, as variations are a natural phenomenon and not a manufactures fault.
Over time, natural factors may lead to deterioration of the timber such as expansion, shrinking, or discolouration. Small splits and cracks may develop, adding character to the piece. Our Furniture Care Guide provides some tips to maintain your timber.
Deposit - All furniture pieces are made to order. A 80% deposit is required to commence your piece and secure your place in line. Receipt of your deposit confirms that the details on your order are correct. The remainder is due on completion of the order. Once work has commenced, 50% off the full cost will be retained by Hampton Chair Company to cover material costs if the order is cancelled.
Returns, Exchanges & Warranty - We take great pride in our products, and we hope you’re delighted with your purchase from Hampton Chair Company. At Hampton Chair Company we design and handcraft durable and high quality furniture. Our furniture pieces are designed and constructed allowing for the timbers natural expansion and contraction depending on its surroundings, even old reclaimed timber continues to move, warp and crack and this should be expected. Pick-up and delivery is not included in this warranty. Returns or exchanges are not accepted on custom made pieces if you change your mind. Please be sure to read and follow the furniture care guide as Hampton Chair Company will not be responsible for any damage caused by the consumer.
Production Time - You can expect your handcrafted piece to take approximately 3 to 4 weeks to be constructed. This may however vary depending on the availability of materials selected and the time of year.
Alterations - Any alterations to the order need to be made immediately in writing (email, text message). No alterations can be made once construction has commenced. Additional charges will apply if this occurs.
Finishes - We proudly use Dulux paints. This high-quality paint finish penetrates the wood, forming a low-maintenance, protective barrier.
No chemicals should be used on the finished timber, nor should any abrasive products or cloths as these will break down the finish. Clean with a lightly sprayed water-based cleaning product.
Delivery - Delivery is not included unless. Additional charges on an hourly rate will apply if we are not able to deliver your furniture on arrival at the agreed delivery time, including travel.
Installation - Installation is not included unless stated on your order.
Damage in Transit - We take great care in packaging our creations, but in the event that you receive a product that appears to have been damaged in transit you should:
  • refuse to accept delivery of the product,
  • take a photo of the damaged box/product
  • direct the courier to ‘return goods to sender’ and
  • contact us within 24 hours at hamptonchaircompany@gmail.com